About Us

What We Do
AEZA is a nonprofit association whose main objective is to provide abandoned animals suitable conditions and to give them shelter, food and water, affection and care.  We also aim to find good, new homes for our animals.

Adopting an AEZA dog from outside Portugal.  

We have been asked what happens if someone living outside Portugal wishes to adopt a dog from AEZA. Here are some notes to answer that question.

When a dog arrives at our shelter, for whatever reason, it is assessed for personality so that we know in which group to place it. It is medicated if necessary and treated for internal and external parasites. After ten days, the time in which an owner can recover a lost dog, it is sterilised. The dogs live in the shelter unless a foster home is necessary, for example to socialise a nervous dog or for medical care. All dogs are walked on a lead to start with until they can be trusted to return to the shelter off lead. They are socialised with other dogs and also with adults and children.

We always do a home check.

We do all the necessary paperwork, organise the Pet Passport and microchip.

We don’t test for all Mediterranean diseases, as the tests are expensive, but if requested we can get this done.  

We can arrange transport, by air to Germany and Holland or by road to the UK. Some people travel to us by road and take a dog or cat back with them.

We don’t have a set adoption fee but giving us a donation is an immense help because it enables us to help other dogs and cats, after all our main objective is to find good caring forever homes for our animals. We ask that the adopters pay for the pet passport and the transport and the tests for Mediterranean diseases.

A few tips to help you and your dog settle in. Before arrival make sure that your garden is secure and do not leave the dog alone there until you are quite certain that it is safe to do so, some dogs are regular Houdinis. On arrival your new companion will be tired from the journey so have a quiet place ready for him/her. Get in a supply of good quality dry food and have a water bowl full of water. If the dog comes directly from the shelter they may never have been in a house before with all the strange noises like the TV, hoover, toilet flush etc. so introduce them slowly and calmly with lots of praise and treats. They won’t be used to a slippery tiled floor or carpets and if they come directly from our shelter they may not be house trained so expect accidents!

We suggest that a collar + a tag with your phone number are worn at all times. Use a well-fitting harness for walks; dogs are less likely to slip out of a harness. Bear in mind that our dogs are country dogs and are not used to the noise and hustle and bustle of towns with their fast moving traffic. Use a harness and extra-long lead when training. Some dogs are fine in a car from day one but some are nervous at first but with plenty of praise and treats they will be fine.

Take your dog to your own vet to be checked over and make sure that the microchip is registered in your name as soon as possible.

Portuguese dogs settle very well in a home environment and those that have had a difficult start in life are incredibly forgiving and are truly wonderful companion dogs.