How You Can Help


Become a Volunteer!

Volunteering with AEZA involves a variety of situations that can only enhance us as people and, above all, improve the lives of the animals in this association. Just to take a few moments of your life, a few hours, a few minutes to dedicate to this cause, to these sweet boys and girls who yearn for a better life.
The work of a volunteer may be varied, all being extremely valuable for the pets.

Volunteering Opportunities
Volunteer Dog Walking
We meet at the shelter on Tuesdays and Fridays at 10.30am and Sundays at 2.30pm and take the dogs out for some exercise, either a short walk or a longer walk whatever is preferred.
Volunteer in the Field
To provide assistance regarding the capture of animals at risk for AEZA.
Transport of Animals
For AEZA to their future owners, veterinary clinics, adoption campaigns, amongst others.
Volunteer as a Family Temporary Shelter (FAT)
This is to foster an animal indefinitely (not permanently). AEZA monitor the animal’s stay and are entitled to remove the animal from the FAT.
Voluntary Disclosure
This type of volunteering is to publicise the animals, events and activities AEZA through all available media (radio, Internet, newspapers, posters on the street, etc.) whose primary objective is to attract new owners, sponsors, partners, etc.
Casual Volunteer
Consists of a sporadic type of volunteering that is intended primarily to transport animals to future owners, veterinary clinics, adoption campaigns, among others.