How You Can Help

Sponsor an Animal

At AEZA it is possible to sponsor an animal. If you are interested in any animal at AEZA but cannot adopt it (lack of space at home, for example), you can contribute to their monthly expenditure and ensure that they have an even better life than before.

The sponsor is then contributing with AEZA to the care and expenses of the animal selected. To this end, just to fill in the form of sponsorship or click on the sponsor button and contribute as follows:

– Monthly payment required by the sponsors (€10);
– Promotion of the animal and help in the search for a new owner for them;

The animal will always belong to AEZA and their representatives who will be responsible for the animal.

As the sponsor it is your right to be informed periodically by AEZA about the health and day-to-day life of the animal.

At its adoption, the AEZA immediately inform the sponsor of the situation and also discuss the decision whether they want to sponsor another animal of AEZA.