AEZA Non-Profit Animal Shelter

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We have lots of dogs and cats looking for a home. Can you adopt one of the animals in our care?

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Adopting a Pet

One of the primary objectives of AEZA is to find a suitable home for the animals in our care. For adoption from AEZA there are minimum standards for comfort, cleanliness and quality of life.  If you think you can give one of our animals a good home then view our pets for adoption and contact us.

Making a Donation

Looking after the animals in our care is expensive, from dog and cat food to vets bills it all needs paying for.  If you can’t offer a home for one of our pets perhaps you can give a donation instead?  Contact us for more information on how to help.

What we do

Our Services

Rescuing Pets

We aim to rescue and care for sick and mistreated animals.  We also give assistance to the prosecution for the maltreatment of animals.



Through our work in schools we aim to inform the population about respect for, and the defence and protection of animals.

Finding Pets a Home

Through our work at the shelter we aim to rehome as many of the animals in our care as possible.

Spay & NEuter

We run campaigns for the promotion of animal sterilisation in order to control the population of strays.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

AEZA (Associação Ecologista e Zoófila de Aljezur  – Association for Environment and Animal Protection of Aljezur)  is a non-profit making organisation having no political or religious creed, whose aims and objects are the defence of
the environment and the protection of animals.